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Documents required for the Dataflow Processing

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Often expats get confused with the documents required for the dataflow processing. These documents can be submitted as scan copies. Therefore if you are doing the dataflow via an agent, you would not have to meet them in person in order to hand over your certificates, you can just mail it to them.

Dataflow process can take up to 2 months time. So it is highly recommended to do the dataflow whilst you are preparing for the exam. This way you kill two birds in one shot.

So let's start!

Dataflow processing in simple words means verifying your documents to see if they are fake or true one.

So here are the list of documents with pictures so you don't get confused ever again.

1. Nationally accredited Educational Qualifications recognized by DHA Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) (BDS/DMD/DDS)

This basically means your original degree certificate. Now the date on this certificate is crucial because your experience is counted only from the day you received your degree certificate.

On a closer look:

  • MOH- 2 years experience after issue dates on both Degree Certificate & License Registration.

  • HAAD - 2years experience after License Registration.

  • DHA- 2years after either Degree Certificate or License Registration.

PQR Certificate

2. Official Educational transcript(s) / Mark Sheets

This is your certificate that contains the marks of all the years of your college in one go. You must have received this from your college while leaving. If not you will have to apply for it now for the dataflow processing.

Here's a sample of the Transcript Certificate:

Now if you do not have a transcript from your college/university, you can submit your mark sheets of all the 4 years instead.

Here's a sample of one of the 4 the Mark sheets:

3. Internship completion Certificate.

This is basically details of the departments and dates you have work in the respective departments during your internship period. This is important document because the experience is counted 2 years after you internship completion.

Here's a sample of the Internship Completion Certificate:

4. Recent professional experience certificate(s). (At least 2 years required post internship)

Now this something you cannot play with. You need to have at least 2 years of clinical experience. Yes! That means working in a college does not fetch you clinical experience. Please try to get experience from a clinic or hospital where you get to get your hands working.

Now this matters not just for the dataflow, but to stand out in the surplus of dentists out there in the Gulf, you must have good clinical skills to keep up.

NOTE: Make sure your experience is acquired from a clinic that, at the time of verification, will be :

  1. Available on the phone number provided.

  2. Available on the email id provided.

  3. Available at the exact address provided.

  4. Willing to verify that you worked there by Phone, Email & in person!

(The unavailability and unwillingness to respond are often reasons for dataflow rejection)

Here are two samples of experience letters:

Note that you must have "GENERAL DENTIST" as your designation.

Sample of experience letter 1
Sample of experience letter 2

5. Valid professional License/Registration from country of last employment

This is your Dental License to work in your home country. Along with this registration certificate you might also have to produce a copy of your License Renewal Certificate / Receipt.

NOTE: Make sure your license remains valid during the dataflow processing period.

Here's a sample of License Registration Certificate:

Here's a sample of the Renewal Certificate:

6. Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than 3 months (from State Dental Council)

Your Good Standing Certificate is the only one you might not have in hand already. You have to apply for this from your respective council, the one that gave you the Registration Licence Certificate.

Kindly note that Good Standing Certificates come with a short span validity of 3 or 6 months. So make sure you apply this just 2 weeks before you start your dataflow.


Here's a sample as I promised :

7. Valid Passport Copy

You will need to submit the front and back pages of your passport copy.

8. Passport size photograph in white background

Now this is don't have to put a sample of a photograph right :D

9. Attestation

Lastly you need to get your BDS degree certificate attested. Please note you must not laminate your certificates because they need to put the attestations stamps on the back of your original certificate.

By the way this is not required for your dataflow processing, but i am mentioning it now because this will take time (even up to 1 month) depending on the place from where you are sending the certificate for attestation.

Here's a sample of the Attestation on the back of the BDS Certificate:

10. Other Documents

Just giving you guys a heads up so that you don't waste time in the Gulf waiting to make these documents. So here are some additional once you need to you get hired:

1) BLS Certificate: This you can get from and Basic Life Support Training Centre near you, just has to be AHA accredited. This certificate is valid for 2 years and you will have to renew it every two years.

Here's a sample of a BLS online certificate :

2) Hepatitis B Vaccination Report: This is something that will take time. So if you see this kindly start with your hepatitis vaccination. The doses are to be take at 0, 1, & 6 months

Most of us might have taken at least one dose back in the college days. If you are not sure that you have completed the dose, You can always check your anti-HBs (HBsAb) titres to know if you have the hepatitis B immunity. And then decide if you have to start over from the 1st dose.

Carry this report with you, they might ask this when they hire you.

3) Covid Vaccination Report: You can take the covid vaccine from the Gulf as well. Now if you are a pregnant or a lactating woman, you need not have the vaccination report, but they will have to test you every 2 weeks.

Good luck doctors! Let your dreams come true.

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