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What are the Exams related to each Emirate ?

  • DOH stands for DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, which was previously known as HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi). This the license required of health care professionals in order to work anywhere in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain city.

  • DHA stands for DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORIYTY, which is the license required of health care professionals in order to work anywhere in the Dubai city.

  • MOH stands for MINISTRY OF HEALTH, which is the license required of health care professionals in order to work in the rest of the Emirates which includes Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaima, Umm al Quwain .


Eligibility for MOH DHA HAAD Nurse Exam

  • 2 Years experience with license.


How to Apply for Nurse Exam ?

  • Register in the e-services, create a user name and password (if not already done), then access the e-system 

  • Fill in the required data and information, submit the assessment request through the electronic service and pay the fees 

  • Upon receiving the DataFlow link, applicant must pay the DataFlow fee, submit the initial profile approval, and define a day on which to send the DataFlow report 

  • Upon receipt of the report, the prescribed examinations will be provided by Prometric and the associated fee must be paid 

  • The assessment certificate will be issued upon successfully passing all the examinations (in case of failure, the applicant may re-apply to take the exam) 



  • Credentialing (application review): 2-4 weeks  

  • Primary Source/Dataflow Verification (PSV): 2 months 

  • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on prometric assessment schedule  

  • Exam Results : within 5 working days 


Documents Required for Nurse Exam ?

  • A recent photograph (passport size) 

  • Copy of your valid passport. 

  • Your educational qualification certificates. 

  • Your experience certificates. 

  • Practice license or registration (From your Home / Working country) 

  • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC) 

  • A medical fitness test in case the applicant is aged 65 and above 


MOH DHA HAAD Nurse Exam Pattern ?

  • Only Theory exam, which includes the pictorial question, but there isn’t any practical exam.  

  • The exam is conducted digitally as CBT-Computer Based Tests at centers present in various countries.  

  • The theory exam consists of 150 Multiple Choice Questions with a timer of 120 minutes.


MOH DHA HAAD Nurse Exam Syllabus ?

  • Unit Management and Leadership

  • Fundamentals

  • Maternal - Child Nursing

  • Adult Nursing


  • Leda M. McKenry, Tessier, and Mary Ann Hogan. Mosby's Pharmacology in Nursing, Mosby Publishers, Latest Edition.

  • Dudek, SG, Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice; Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Latest Edition.

  • ANA Code of Ethics, Latest Edition.

  • SCFHS: Ethics for Health Professional Booklet, Latest Edition.

  • Berman, A and Snyder, S. Kozier and Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing Concepts, Process and Practice, USA: Pearson International, Latest Edition.

  • Pamela Lynn and, Marilee LeBon, Skill Checklists for Taylor's Clinical Nursing Skills: A Nursing Process Approach, Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Latest Edition.

  • Jarvis, C. Physical Examination and Health Assessment, St. Louis, Missouri, Saunders Elsevier, Latest Edition.

  • Day, R. A., Paul, P., Williams, B., Smeltzer, S. C., and Bare, Brunner and Suddarth’s Canadian textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and WilkinsMurray, S., McKinney, E.

  • Foundation of Maternal- Newborn Nursing, Missouri: Saunders Elsevier, Latest Edition.

  • Wong, D.L., and Hockenberry, M.J, Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children, Philadelphia: Mosby, Latest Edition. 10. Sole, ML. Klein, DG. Moseley, MJ, Introduction to Critical Care Nursing, St. Louis, Saunders (Elsevier), Latest Edition.

  • NursingTechnicianBlueprint

  • Townsend, C.M., Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, F. A. Davis Company, United States of America, Latest Edition.

  • Nursing Fundamentals-Allender, Judith A. and Rector, Cherie ,Community Health Nursing Promoting and Protecting The Public Health, Lippincott: New York, Latest Edition 14. Nursing Fundamentals-Berman, A and Snyder, S. Kozier and Erb’s Nursing Fundamentals Concepts, Process and Practice, USA: Pearson International, Latest Edition. 15. Tomey, M. Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership, St. Louis: Mosby, Inc., Latest Edition.

  • Adult Nursing-Stanhope M & Lancaster,J. (Latest edition).Community and Public Health Nursing . St. Louis; Mosby.

  • Polit, D and Beck, Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for Nursing

  • Research, Lippincott Macha, K and McDonough, J, Latest Edition.

  • Maternal- Child Nursing-Murray, S., McKinney, E. Foundation of Maternal- Newborn Nursing, Missouri: Saunders Elsevier, Latest Edition.

  • Unit Management and Leadership-Sullivan E. (2017) Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (9th edition). Pearson: Indianapolis


How To Study ?

  • It is too hectic to go back to college days and read all the textbooks mentioned above to clear the exam. Which is why we are here to help.  

  • Gulf Exams are primarily focussed on clinical knowledge including accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This means it asks questions mainly from clinical subjects only. 

  • But we would not recommend preparing by yourself unless you know how to prepare. We guide you by specifically teaching only the topics that is important for the exams, thus narrowing the vast study material, which in turn guarantees the pass percentage with lesser hard work. 

  • If you are looking to clear the exam in the 1st attempt itself, you will need to prepare thoroughly for 3-4 months at least


This is how you need to prepare: 

  • Step 1 - Brush through all the important topics subject-wise that we teach 

  • Step 2 - Solve subject-wise MCQs under the related topics 

  • Step 3 - Read more on it, if in need of better clarification 

  • Step 4 - Solve Recent MCQs 

  • Step 5 - Do Mock Exams to see if you are ready 

To start preparation: Online Nurse Coaching

This course is useful for the following exams:

DHA Exam – Dubai Health Authority
MOH Exam– Ministry of Health, Sharjah, UAE. 
DHCC Exam – Dubai Healthcare city. 
HAAD Exam– Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. (Pearson VUE Test) 
NHRA Exam – National Health Regulatory Authority, Bahrain. 
QCHP Exam – Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.( Qatar Prometric) 
SMLE Exam – Saudi Medical Licensing Exam. (Saudi Prometric) 
OMSB Exam – Oman Medical Specialty Board.(Oman Prometric) 


Pass Percentage ?

  • Even though Nursing Exam does not show the results, the pass percentage is said to be 55% for Registered Nurse & 50% for Assistant Nurse

  • The results are displayed as PASS or FAIL.


Results & its Validity

  • The results will be provided within 5 working days, along with something called an eligibility Letter.  

  • This Exam result is valid for 5 years.  

  • Whereas the Eligibility letter issued representing the result is valid only for 1 year. You can renew this Eligibility Letter every year for 5 years until you land a job.


What If I Fail in 1st Attempt?

  • You will have to re do the credential and rebook for the 2nd attempt. A total of 3 attempts are only allowed. 


Landing a Job as Nurse?

  • The Eligibility letter is the document with which you can search for a job.  

  • The 1st employer will then convert this letter into a License to hire you.  

  •  Other documents they may ask of you are: 

  1. Basic Life Support Certificate 

  2. Covid Vaccination Report

  3. Hepatitis B vaccination Report 

  4. Attestation of your degree certificate by MEA, HRD & UAE Embassy 

  5. Dataflow report 

  6. Recent good standing certificate 

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