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NHRA stands for National Health  Regulatory Authority, which is the licence required of health care professionals in order to work anywhere in Bahrain.


Eligibility for Bahrain Dental Exam?

It is mandatory to have 2 years of experience after Internship. This period will be calculated from the day you received the BDS Certificate or the License registration, whichever comes last.


How to Apply for Bahrain Dental Exam

  • You can find the detailed processing method in this document click here. 

  • ​You can either do it on your own at the official website or if not confident to do it yourself, you can always delegate to expert agents to do the job while you focus on the preparation


 Processing Fees

  • Primary Source Verification : BD____ 
    Prometric Exam: BD____ 



  • Credentialing (application review): 2-4 weeks 

  • Primary Source/Dataflow Verification (PSV): 2 months

  • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on prometric assessment schedule 

  • Exam Results : within 5 working days


 Documents Required

General Requirements: 

  • Nationally accredited Educational Qualifications recognized by DHA Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) (BDS/DMD/DDS) 

  • Official Educational transcript(s)  

  • Internship completion Certificate. 

  • Recent professional experience certificate(s). (Atleast 2 years required post internship) 

  • Valid professional License/Registration from country of last employment  

  • Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than 3 months (from State Dental Council) 

  • Valid Passport Copy

  • Passport size photograph in white background 


NHRA Dental Exam Pattern

  • Only Theory exam, which is CBT- Computer Based Test. The exam is conducted digitally at centres present in various countries. Find out your nearest center, there is atleast one center in every state of India.

  • The theory exam consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions with a timer of 2 and half hours.


NHRA Dental Exam Syllabus

Multiple Choice Questions  100 QNS


​ENDODONTICS                                                    - 15 %

OPERATIVE                                                           - 15 %

PROSTHODONTICS                                            - 15 %

PEDODONTICS                                                      - 15 %

PERIODONTICS                                                    - 10 %

SURGERY                                                                - 10 %

ORAL MEDICINE & RADILOGY                       - 7 %

ORTHODONTICS                                                  - 4 %

BASICS                                                                    - 5 %

MISCELLANEOUS                                              - 4 %


How to study

  • It is too hectic to go back to college days and read all the textbooks mentioned above to clear the exam. YOU REALLY DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THE BOOKS MENTIONED ABOVE. That is why we are here to help. 

  • Gulf Exams are primarily focused on clinical knowledge including accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This means it asks questions mainly from clinical subjects only.

  • But we would not recommend preparing by yourself unless you know how to prepare. We guide you by specifically teaching only the topics that is important for the exams, thus narrowing the vast study material, which in turn guarantees the pass percentage with lesser hard work.

  • If you are looking to clear the exam in the 1st attempt itself, you will need to prepare thoroughly for 3-4 months at least.

This is how you need to prepare:


  •  Step 1 - Brush through all the important topics subject-wise that we teach 

  • Step 2 - Solve subject-wise MCQs under the related topics 

  • Step 3 - Read more on it, if in need of better clarification 

  • Step 4 - Solve Recent MCQs 

  • Step 5 - Do Mock Exams to see if you are ready 

To start preparation: Bahrain Dental Exam ​ Online Coaching

To try out a mock exam click here


Pass Percentage for NHRA

  • Even though NHRA Dental  Exam does not show the results, the pass percentage is said to be 60%

  • The Results are displayed as : PASS or FAIL



Result & its validity

  • This Exam result is valid for 5 years. 

  • Whereas the Eligibility letter issued representing the result is valid for 1 year only. If you have not landed a job in this 1 year, you need not appear for the exam again, instead you can renew the eligibility letter by submitting most recent working experience in your home country or elsewhere.


What if I fail the 1st attempt?

  • You will have to re do the credential and rebook for the 2nd attempt. A total of 3 attempts are only allowed.

Landing a job

The Eligibility letter is the document with which you can search for a job.  
The 1st employer will then convert this letter into a License to hire you.  
Other documents they may ask of you are: 

  1. Basic Life Support Certificate ​

  2. Hepatitis B vaccination Report 

  3. Covid Vaccination Report

  4. Attestation of your BDS certificate by MEA, HRD & Embassy 

  5. Dataflow report

  6. Recent good standing certificate

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