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What are the Main Requirements to get a Dentist Job in Dubai?

Updated: May 1, 2022

 Requirements to get a Dentist Job in Dubai
Requirements to get a Dentist Job in Dubai

DHA stands for DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY, which is the license required of health care professionals in order to work anywhere in the Dubai city.

These are the requirements to apply for the DHA Exam:

  • BDS / DDS/ MDS Degree certificate from your university.

  • 2 years experience in your field after the internship.

  • License Registration for these 2 years of experience that you will be showing.

  • Good standing certificate from your State Dental Council.

These are the requirements employers might look in before they hire you:

  1. Covid Vaccination Report

  2. Attestation at the back of your degree certificate

  3. Recent/Valid BLS Certificate

  4. Hepatitis B vaccination Report

  5. And most importantly your professional skills.( must have 2 or more skills)

    1. Communication

    2. Root Canal Procedures

    3. Implantology

    4. Aesthetic dentistry

    5. Pediatric management skills

    6. Revenue generating skills

The Gulfie Dentist offers a Complete success plans for passing DHA Exam

Please go through this link DHA Dental Exam Syllabus

To start preparation Enroll Now : Online Coaching for DHA Dental Exam

Prometric Dental Exam Questions (MCQs) to prepare for DHA Exam

Dr. Mayakha Mariam (Moh Licensed Dentist)

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