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HAAD Prometric Dental Exam Question Paper

Updated: May 1, 2022

Subject: Removable partial denture

HAAD Prometric Dental Exam Question Paper -The Gulifie Dentist

1.Major connector is applied in:

a. Diagnosis and treatment plan

2.The cause of black cast which prevents pickling due to:

a. Over heat

b. Contamination with gas

c. Incomplete casting

3.Major connector when to put in which phase

a. Examination

b. Diagnosis and treatment. plane

c. Treatment.

4.To prevent polymerization shrinkage,

a. Place restoration incrementally and increase curing time

b. Place restoration incrementally and start soft self-start

c. Place incrementally and decrease curing time

d. Place incrementally and delay the curing time

5.Restoration perfect after one week becomes lighter

a. Underpolymerized

b. Overpolymerized with water absorption

c. Overabsorption of water

d. Use of limited materials

6.Major connector when to put in which phase

a. Examination

b. Diagnosis and treatment plane

c. Treatment.

7.Die is done to

a. Allow for better waxing

b. Adjust the errors in preparation

c. Make investment easier

d. Adjust correct finish line

8.Maryland bridge indicate

a. 2 missing teeth

b. Young patient

c. When need translucency

d. When abutment is extensively restored

9.The component in RPD that opposes the force of the

retention arm does:

a. Reciprocation.

b. Support.

c. Functional

d. Stabilization.

10. What is Maryland bridge?

a. Resin bonded

b. Metal alloys

c. Zirconium derived

d. Co-Cr alloy

11. Something with epoxy resin, what type of


a. Polyether

b. Polysulfide

c. Impression compound

d. Additional silicone

12. Property of material that doesn't distort with

tensile stress would be?

a. Ductility

b. Malleability

c. Solubility

d. Retention

13. In what aspect is acrylic teeth better than porcelain teeth in RPD ?

a. Acrylic teeth bonds better

b. Better retention

c. Better function

d. Denture base

14. Patient has missing 15,16,18,25,26,27,28 teeth. Has good bone support & caries free with no mobility. Patient was inquiring about appropriate type of clasp on 17 for RPD ?

a. Akers

b. Ring

c. Multiple

d. Compound

15. Patient has missing #45 and needs restoration. What would be ideal treatment management?

a. Maryland bridge

b. Cantilever bridge

c. FPD

d. Implant

16. Flux is used for:

a. Prevent oxygen from contacting alloy

b. Dissolve oxide

c. a and b

17. Which framework for rigid RPD design:

a. Cobalt chromium

b. Zirconium derived

c. Metal alloy

d. Ni-Al alloy

18. Patient came for prosthetic treatment, she has missing #24, #26, #27, #28 and #25 is left as pier abutment, it has lingo distal inclination with MOD amalgam restoration and grade II mobility. What is your treatment?

a. Extract #25 and RPD

b. FPD on 23-25 and RPD on 26 27 28

c. Overdenture RPD on 25

d. RPD

19. Rpd is best made of

a. Cobalt chromium

b. Gold

c. Metal alloy

d. Co-Cr alloy

20. Smoker patient has missed lower 4 anteriors and with slight class l mobility of 2 canines and he the dentist decided to do RPD to what the type of lower major connector:

a. Lingual plate

b. Lingual bar

c. Double bar

d. Labial bar

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