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MOH MCQ - MOH Dental Exam Online Coaching

Updated: May 1, 2022

Subject: Fixed Partial Denture

1.Gap between two soldered parts should be:

a. <0.2

b. 0.2

c. 0.4

d. 0.6

2.Shade guide for cement during porcelain veneer

restoration you must

a. Use cement base that is lighter than porcelain*******

b. Trying the base without catalyst

c. Trying catalyst alone

d. Trying the base cement mixed with a small amount of catalyst

3.In case of class 5 provisional restoration what factor is

important for locking:

a. 50% expansion of restoration

b. 60% expansion shrinkage

c. 25 % polymerization shrinkage

d. Undercut

4.What is the type of wax used to verify the occlusal

reduction for full veneer restoration

a. Onlay wax

b. lowa wax

c. Utility wax

d. Korecta wax

5.How far should implants be placed from one another

a. 3mm

b. 4mm

c. 5mm

d. 7mm

6.What can make porcelain crown lighter

a. Value

b. Chroma

c. Hue

d. Saturation

7.After implant placement, an edentulous patient should

follow certain instructions:

a. Avoid wearing anything for 2 weeks

b. Immediately have healing abutments placed over the implants

c. Should wear an immediate denture to protect the implant sites

d. Application of constant pressure site

8.Porcelain veneer - what is the most important

advantage compared with porcelain veneer what is the

most important advantage of resin veneer

a. Esthetic

b. Cost

c. Tooth preservation

d. Stability

9.What is the characteristic of an implant that would

change bony resorption pattern?

a. Intaosseous integration

b. Integrate with bone

c. Osseointegration

d. Increases bone density

10. Open margin on crown what to do:

a. Cover it with cement

b. Replace crown

c. Cover it with porcelain

d. Cover it by burnishing the metal

11. The most frequent cause of failure of a cast

crown restoration is:

a. Failure to extend the crown preparation adequately into the

gingival sulcus

b. Lack of attention in carving occlusal anatomy of the tooth

c. Lack of attention to tooth shape, position, and contacts

d. Lack of prominent cusps, deep sulcus, and marginal ridges

12. Patient needs fixed bridge after you check in

mouth of the patient see change color of bridge to

cloudy to milky what causes?

a. Excessive fired.

b. Reduced fired.

c. Excessive moisture.

d. Increased poursity.

13. Most common marginal failure of fixed

prosthodontics is

a. Periodontal

b. Pulpal

c. Caries

d. Mechanical

14. Biological width is

a. Epithelial attachment + connective tissue attachment

b. Epithelial attachment

c. Connective tissue attachment

15. Principle of tooth preparation in all except

a. Preserve tooth structure

b. Supra gingival margin

c. Resistance and retention

d. Structural durability

16. Die is done to

a. Allow for better waxing

b. Adjust the errors in preparation

c. Make investment easier

d. Adjust correct finish line

17. Polysulphide what needed

a. Pour 1 h

b. Pour 12 h

c. It need pressure

d. Need a special instrument to temper it

18. After crown lengthening what is the length of

biological width

a. 1mm

b. 4 mm

c. 3 mm

d. 2mm interdentally

19. Scarlet fever patient on continuous abs, notice

white patches

a. Candida albicans

b. Leukoplakia

c. Lichen planus

d. Erythroplakia

20. Which phase does the differentiation of organs

into external and internal takes place

a. Embryo

b. Foetus

c. Implantation

d. Morphodifferentiation

The Gulfie Dentist is providing online coaching for the MOH Dental exam .

MOH which is the license required of health care professionals in order to work in the rest of the Emirates which includes Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain.

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