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NHRA Prometric Dental Exam MCQs

Updated: May 1, 2022

Subject :Orthodontics

NHRA Prometric Dental Exam MCQs
NHRA Prometric Dental Exam MCQs

1.The action of the Hawley appliance is mainly

a. Intrusion

b. Avulsion

c. Tipping

d. Bodily movement

2.A light force applied to the periodontal ligament during

orthodontic treatment is considered

a. Intermittent

b. Direct

c. Continuous

d. Indirect

3.When do you do serial extraction?

a. For space deficiency in mandibular anterior region

b. For space deficiency in mandibular posterior region

c. For space deficiency in maxillary anterior region

d. For space deficiency in maxillary posterior region

4.What is the complication of up righting molar

a. Move distally and extrudes

b. Class 3 molar relationship can develop

c. Class 2 molar relationship can develop

5.Why is z-plasty preferred over diamond technique for

frenum detachment?

a. Less scar contraction

b. Easier in terms of technique

c. Less amount of surgical exposure

d. Less incision needed, no suture needed

6.Palatal expansion device does not need a labial bow


a. Labial bow is not rigid enough

b. Labial bow would limit the expansion effect

c. Labial bow is not functional in this case

7.Question on malocclusion class 2

8.Soft tissue prognathism found in:

a. Class I maxillary mandibular relation

b. Class III

c. Class II division 1

d. Class II division 2

9.Patient going for ortho consultation, no crowding,

history of trauma to anterior teeth. Which class?

a. I

b. II div 1

c. II div 2

d. Class 3

10. 3-year-old with 5mm intrusion of upper incisor

what do you do?

a. Wait and see if it erupts

b. Extract + space maintainer

c. Crown lengthening

d. Reposition manually and splint

11. Type of ortho force for teeth with compromised


a. Light

b. Heavy

c. Intermittent

d. Heavy constant

12. Maxillary growth:

a. Deposition at Tuberosity + resorption at nasal + downward and

forward movement

13. Appliance for thumb sucking which phase ?

a. Primary dentition

b. Early mixed

c. Late mixed

d. Permanent

14. Growth at condyle ?

a. Appositional

b. Apposition + intramembranous

c. Endochondral

d. Appositional + endochondral

15. Movement produced by removable appliance ?

a. Tipping

b. Intrusion

c. Avulsion

d. Extrusion

16. Ortho force on weak periodontal teeth ?

a. Light force

b. Heavy force

c. Intermittent force

d. Heavy constant force

17. Cell responsible for bone resorption during ortho


a. Osteoclast

b. Osteoblast

c. Ameloblast

d. Ameloclast

18. What is the etiology for posterior open bite in

children during the eruption of lateral incisor

a. Functional shift

b. Imbalance between tongue and cheek

c. Improper swallowing

d. Improper chewing

19. Early treatment is orthodontics in cases midline

shift not in functional shift

a. Slight cross bite

b. When primary molar is slightly distal

c. Slight crowding in anterior region

d. Slight midline with deep bite

20. A finger spring was to be used to correct a mild

crossbite of upper later incisor. In which of the

following situations is it preferable to correct a

crossbite with a finger spring?

a. Lingual tilted lateral incisor , 5% overbite

b. Lingual tilted lateral incisor , 50% overbite

c. Labially tilted lateral incisor , 5% overbite

d. Labially tilted lateral incisor , 50% overbite

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