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20 Prometric Dental Exam MCQ Questions - Endodontics

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Prometric Free MCQ Question for DHA, MOH, DOH (HAAD), SDLE, QCHP, OMSB, NHRA Dubai Gulf Exams

1. Root canal treated tooth is exposed to oral environment, when you should do re-endo? After:

a. 1 month

b. 2 months

c. 2 weeks

d. 6 days

2.A periodontal exam of a patient is referred for endodontic treatment when:

a. There is an inward flow of fluid

b. There is an outward flow of fluid

c. There is no fluid

d. There is decrease in flow

3.When doing an endo treatment you hit a ledge, what are you going to do?

a. Use smaller instrument and get beyond the ledge

b. Fill as far as you have reamed

c. Use a small round bur and remove the ledge

d. Continue working gently to eliminate the ledge

4.In office bleaching changes the shade through all except?

a. Dehydration

b. Etching tooth

c. Oxidation of colorant

d. Surface demineralization

5.If during the root canal treatment, the dentist breaks the apical seating and extrude the file over the foramen. What would be the ideal solution:

The Gulfie Dentist Endodontics Recent Mcq’s 2020 Dr.Mayakha Mariam

a. Fill the canal with a master file of a larger number then master


b. Increase the size of the file and re-create a new apical seal and

then fill with the master cone of that size

c. Try to fill in as many Gutta percha points as possible

d. Use canal medication instead of filling

6.The best and the most effective way to remove stained mottled enamel?

a. Home bleaching

b. Micro abrasion technique

c. Office bleaching

d. Walking bleaching

7.The 4th canal in maxillary first molar found in:?

a. In palatal root

b. In MB root

c. In DB root

d. In buccal root

8.Question regarding to obturation?

a. Obturation technique affect sealer distribution in coronal 1⁄3

b. Obturation technique affect sealer distribution in middle 1⁄3

c. Obturation technique affect sealer distribution in apical 1⁄3

d. No relation bet. Sealer distribution and location of the root

9. Best feature of sealant should be?

a. Viscosity

b. High retentive

c. Resilient

d. High strength

10. File color?

a. Red

b. Yellow

c. Blue

d. Black

11. Office bleaching consists of?

a. 38% hydrogen peroxide

b. 65 % camphor

c. 15% hydrochloride

d. 20% sodium hypochlorite

12.Small access in the central lead to?

a. Incomplete debridement

b. Inadequate root canal preparation

c. Inadequate access opening

d. Insufficient rotary work

13.Retrograde filling is indicated in what condition?

a. Max. central incisor with good filling with 9 mm radiolucency

b. Max. premolar with post & core & buccal root with 4 mm short

filling & RL at the apex but the palatal root with good filling

c. Max. 1st molar with MBR & DBR short filling & palatal root with

fracture instrument

14. During access cavity, it is important to concentrate on?

a. Remove caries before access opening

b. Take diagnosis radiographically

c. Use rubber dam

d. Saliva ejector

15. H- file has more cutting efficiency compared to k-files due to?

a. More negative rake angle

b. More positive rake angle

c. More cutting tip

d. Perpendicular to 90 degree

16. Endo failure mainly due to which organism ?

a. Staphylococcus onerous

b. Actinomyces and enterococcus

c. Streptococcus

d. P.gingivalis

17 CMCP contain?

a. 65 % camphor

b. 15% hydrochloride

c. 20% sodium hypochlorite

d. 35 % phenol

18. Over extend GP should be treated by?

a. Surgically

b. Solvent

c. Ultrasonic scalier

d. Round bur rotary instrument

19. Patient came with severe pain from tooth with direct pulp capping, on x-ray no PA, no pain with percussion but the pain with cold and hot lasting. Diagnosis?

a. Reversible pulpitis

b. Irreversible pulpitis

c. Acute apical periodontitis

d. Cracked

20. Sinus track with gutta percha traced to the apex, indicate?

a. Horizontal fracture

b. Chronic apical abscess

c. Pulp degeneration

d. Acute form of chronic abscess

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