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What if I don't have enough experience as a general dentist?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Well there is always a way around things, but you need to work a little harder and spend an little extra. Oh and yes, have a resident visa or enough contacts to get you an offer. Let me explain.

Now if you are someone who is not having 2 years of experience after your internship, you have 3 options;

  1. Wait until you complete your 2 years of clinical experience in your home country.

  2. To apply and work as a Dental Assistant.

  3. To apply for a Dental Trainee post and get a temporary license.

Category One :

So its always best to wait it out because of a little too many pros:

  • You get good enough experience so that you do not screw the dental procedure while you are in a different country. Because might as well know that the punishment is huge. Also you could end up getting your license terminated. So its best to learn as much as you can during these 2 years. Learn all the skills neccessary and make an impressive CV.

  • Secondly, while waiting make sure you get all your documents on time without delay and get the necessary certifications, vaccines, etc. Do refer to "DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BLOG" for this purpose.

  • Thirdly, its easier to get a job with proper experience than having to run around without neither resident visa nor experience.

  • Lastly, this is the proper channel of getting into the medical field into the gulf.

Category Two :

Now if you are either impatient to wait or not confident enough to work as a dentist, you could choose this option. Here are a few things you must know about this route in your career:

  • There is no coming back to dentist profession! I know its harsh, but that's the truth. See you are working as a "Dental Assistant". Now with this 2 years of experience as a dental assistant, you cannot logically apply for the General Dentist License. If you really want to get back to being a dentist, then you would have to come back to your native country, work 2 years as a Dentist and then apply for the General Dentist exam and the License.

  • Now another good news is you get a job quickly! Ow yes! Now-a-days there is a high demand for "Dentists" to work as Dental Assistants in reputed hospitals and clinics. Well the matter of fact is that the pay that they provide vary from Dhs.6000-10,000 for which nurses are not willing to work.

  • Pay is decent actually when compared to a fresher dentist. As we all know there is surplus of dentists all over Asia. And the Gulf is well enough affected as well with the trend of surplus of dentist thus decreasing the demand for one. which is directly proportional to the low paygrade foe dentists. So a fresher Dentist may get paid anywhere between 4000 to 6000. (There are few exceptions where they pay 10k for fresher Dentists)

  • You can start by preparing for the exam with THE GULFIE DENTIST ONLINE COACHING FOR DENTAL ASSISTANTS and applying for the dataflow processing.

Category Three :

This the most interesting option with both advantages! One that you can start enjoying the Arab world as early as possible and two, you can get the Gulf experience. But spoiler alert! YOU NEED RESISDENT VISA. So, lucky for those who have their family or spouses in the country to sponsor a Resident/Dependent visa for them. If you are one of them, here's how you can get into this path;

  • Once you are inside the country, start applying at clinics, polyclinics and hospitals for a post as "Dental Trainee".

  • As soon as you get the offer letter, you need to apply for dataflow verification.

  • After you receive your Dataflow Verification Report, the clinic will initiate the licensing process for you which in this case is a "Temporary License" (which is valid for 6 months only)

  • This license will have to be renewed until you complete the 2 years criteria from the date your BDS degree was issued.

  • Now you can apply for the updation of your dataflow including the trainee experience and then apply for the prometric exam and thus the General Dentist License.

Please feel free to ask us any doubts regarding which one to choose. Whatsapp us here.

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