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Dental Assistant MCQ 2021 - The Gulfie Dentist

Updated: May 1, 2022

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1. When a patien

t fails to show for an appointment, the scheduling assistant should

a. Call the patie

nt and summarize the conversation in patient's chart

b. Inactive the patient's file until the patient calls for another appointment

c. Leave a message on the patient s voice mail asking why the appointment was missed

d. Send the patient a bill for the missed appointment

2. The dental team member most likely to be in charge of calling the emergency medical services is the

a. Business assistant

b. Dentist

c. Chairside assistant

d. Roving assistant

3. If an error has been made on a clinical record entry, which of the following should be done?

a. Erase the error and rewrite the entry correctly

b. Mark through the incorrect entry so that it cannot be read

c. Draw one line through the incorrect entry and initial and write the correct entry below

d. Circle the incorrect entry in red

e. Do nothing to the incorrect entry, just rewrite the entry correctly

4. The properly seated dental assistant is

a. On the same plane as the dentist.

b. 2-4 in above the dentist.

c. 6-8 in above the dentist

d. 4-6 in above the dentist

5. A patient with the medical insurance is classified as the

a. Primary

b. Provider

c. Subscriber

d. Carrier

6. Initial patient contact begins when

a. The patient is referred to the office for treatment

b. The patient calls for a new patient appointment

c. The patient arrives at the office for the first time

d. The dentist does the comprehensive exam

7. An accurate record of a patients financial history with dental office should be recorded?

a. In the patient's progress notes

b. On the manual or electronic lodger card

c. On the patients walk out statement

d. With the accountant for tax records

8. Sending contaminated impressions to a dental lab and wearing contaminated clothing outside of the dental office can cause which type of disease transmission?

a. Patient to patient

b. Patient to dental team

c. Community to dental office

d. Dental office to community

9. Dental Assistants fall under which occupational exposure category?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

10. Which of the following is the proper way to make a correction on a patient's chart?

a. Erase the information and record the new information

b. Use white out and record the new information over the white out

c. Place a single line through the incorrect information and enter the new information on the next line

d. Destroy the chart and start a new one

11. Where must needles, scalpel blades and orthodontic wires be disposed?

a. Glass jar

b. Contaminated waste

c. Dumpster

d. Sharp container

12. Which type of gloves shouldbe worn during an implant placement procedure?

a. Examination gloves

b. Over gloves

c. Utility gloves

d. Sterile surgical gloves

13. Scrap amalgam falls under which classification of waste?

a. General waste

b. Hazardous waste

c. Contaminated waste

d. Infectious waste

14. Paper towels falls under which classification of waste?

a. General waste

b. Hazardous waste

c. Contaminated waste

15. Who had legal ownership of all records and radiographs?

a. Dentist

b. Patient


d. ADA

16. If the dentist is running behind schedule, patients that are waiting for their appointment should be

a. Rescheduled for another day

b. Offered something to drink

c. Informed of the situation

d. Left to wait until called

17. An office exposure control program must be updated

a. Monthly

b. Biannual

c. Annually

d. As changes occur

18. If an employees is stuck with a needle or contaminated instrument, the employee remove his/her gloves then

a. Place a bandage and continuing working

b. Wash hands and we antibiotic ointment

c. Wash hands and inform the doctor ***

d. Check the patient's medical history

19. OSHA requires office personnel to get which kind of immunization?

a. HEPB **

b. Meningitis

c. Pneumonia

d. Strep throat

20. Which of the following used items is considered regulated medical waste by OSHA?

a. Clinic gowns

b. Sharp instruments

c. Masks

d. Exampna

21. By law, who provides the MSDs for the office?

a. Dentist

b. Manufacturer


d. Vendor

22. It is important for the dental assistant to have a foundation in microbiology in order to

a. Cure disease in the dental setting

b. Prevent disease transmission in dental setting**

c. Diagnose disease transmission in dental settings

d. Evaluate disease transmission in in the dental setting

23. What should you use to remove needles from reusable syringes?

a. Hemostat **

b. Gloved hands

c. Recapping device

d. Retractor

24. The purpose of OSHA is to protect whom?

a. Consumers

b. Employees **

c. Employers

d. The public

25. Utilizing universal standard precautions is enforced by the

a. CDC

b. EPA

c. ADA

d. OSHA ***

26. Which agent is not recommended by the CDC for surface disinfection?

a. Sodium hypochlorite

b. Ethyl alcohol **

c. Phenols

d. Glutaraldehyde

27. You extract tooth with large amalgam restoration, how to manage the extracted tooth

a. Autoclave and deep buried.

b. Sharp container ***

c. Ordinary waste container

d. Office containers

28. One of these is less exposed extensive dental caries:

a. Obes, malnourished

b. Patient has xerostomia

c. Less plaque score **

29. Whatis the benefit of rinsing the mouth water

a. Plaque removal

b. Calculus removal

c. Washing the food debris ****

30. A pandemic disease is one that

a. Is temporary

b. Is characterized by immediate symptoms

c. Occurs at a large geographical area***

d. Occurs in a specific population only

31. Dental employers are required to maintain accurate medical records on their employees who are at risk for contamination from blood borne pathogens. These records are to be kept-----

a. Until the employee leaves the position

b. As long as the employer is in practice

c. As long as the employee remains in the profession

d. The length of employment plus

32. Which of the following items OSHA standards is written to protect dental health care workers from occupational exposure to infectious diseases?

a. Hazardous communication standards

b. Universal precaution standard

c. Blood home pathogen standard**

d. Exposure control standard

33. In countries with higher annual population growth rates, the need for community-based preventive programs would be greater for: OR Communities with high annual population growth need education about

a. Dental caries. ***

b. Periodontal disease

c. Dentofacial anomalies

d. Dental fluorosis

34. What is the most factor encouraging dental caries OR Most common cause of caries OR Incipient caries in the old patients is MOSTLY due to

a. Xerostomia ***

b. Hypocalcification

c. Smoking

d. Diet sugar consumption

e. Saliva

35. Which of the following is the next logical step presentation of the patient's treatment plan?

a. Treatment should start immediately without regard to financial arrangements

b. Treatment should be delayed until all payments can be made

c. The dentist or other dental team member discusses estimated fees and makes financial arrangements**

d. The dentist or other dental team member submits estimated fees to the insurance company

36. A dentist who refuses to treat a patient in need of dental care, without giving adequate notice to patient has committed which of the following?

a. Abandonment**

b. A felony

c. Fraud

d. Mal practice

37. The health insurance portability and accountability Act stipulates that protected health information can be released to which of the following persons?

a. Patients spouse

b. Patient's brother

c. Patient's children

d. Patient only

38. Which hepatitis virus should health care personnel be immunized against?

a. Hep A

b. Hep B

c. Hep C

d. All of the above

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