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Gulfie Dentist Transformation

Become A Professional in Demand

This Package includes:

01  - Self Portrayal Techniques

02  - Top Dental Skills to Polish

03  - Demanding Soft Skills

04  - Killer CV & Cover Letter

05  - List of sites to Job Hunt

06  - List of Clinics & Hospitals to Apply

07  - Gulf Work Expectations to Tackle

08  - Job Agreement Do's & Dont's

09  - Social Media Management

10  - Learn Arabic

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The Need For A Gulfie Transformation

  • Gulf Dental Jobs are saturated enough that there is huge competition for vacancies.

  • In order to stand out from the crowd, one must have more advanced skills than an average applicant in order to grab that job opportunity.

  • And sometimes just having the right skill is not good enough until you know how to sell yourself to the interviewer.

  • Gulfie Dentist Transformation brings together the ultimate training to transform yourself by upskilling, selling yourself, tackling the employer demands during the job and most importantly not falling into traps fraud managements and recruitments.

  • This is best for both fresher and 1-5 years of Gulf-experienced professionals alike.